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Applying for an Immigration Bond

There are thousands of immigrant detainees who are released from detention in nationwide immigration bonds every year. You need to learn more about immigration bonds if you want to find out if you are eligible for an immigration bail bond. You can also discuss your case with your immigration attorney so that they help you get the lowest immigration bond possible. An individual should meet two criteria’s to be eligible to apply for an immigration bond. First, you cannot have committed or have been convicted of a particular type of serious crime. The second one is that you must not be an arriving alien or person who is filling for admission at the port of entry.
If you have a history of arrests and convictions, you should speak with a professional immigration attorney about whether or not your past offenses will prevent you from becoming eligible for an immigration bond. You should still request an immigration bond hearing even if you don’t believe that you are eligible for release with an immigration bond.
If you are eligible for an immigration bond, the decision rests on the ICE and immigration judge on whether to give you one. The first step when applying for an immigration bind is to check whether or nit the ICE has already set an immigration bind amount for the release of an individual. Your immigration lawyer can ask ICE to set a reasonable bond if the immigration bond is set to high or if one has not been set. An experienced immigration lawyer can present documentary evidence with requests to show that the detained person does not pose a flight risk and is not a threat to society.
If the ICE still does nit set a bind or it is still too high, your lawyer can file a request for an immigration bond hearing with an immigration attorney. The immigration court at this point will try to arrange a bond hearing as fast as possible and usually takes about 1-2 weeks. At the hearing, an immigration judge will start by addressing the preliminary issue, which is if the detainee is even entitled to an immigration bond.
The immigration judge will then consider any evidence determining if the detainee is a flight risk or poses danger to society. If available, the immigration lawyer will submit evidence that proves there is a lack of major criminal activities and that the detainee is financially stable. Learn more
You, your immigration attorney or family member can call the US Immigration Bonds to assist put up the bind once you have been established eligible for an immigration bond. For more click here.

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